Óscar Pareja on Orlando City: “I believe in this roster”


Photo: Orlando Soccer Journal

Óscar Pareja was introduced to the Orlando media at Exploria Stadium on Thursday and immediately said that he believes in the roster at hand and sees good things coming down the road for Orlando City.

“I believe in this roster despite the frustration that the fans have on not making the playoffs,” said Pareja. “When you review this season you see a lot of good things. I did my homework and I saw that. So, I believe in the roster that has put in place here. I hope this refresh can help and we can keep using them and we can keep developing this.”

Pareja went on to mention Orlando’s previous coaches and carrying on some of the things they have done and players they’ve brought to the club.

The Lions currently have 18 players returning, including most of the defenders that helped the Lions have one of their best seasons defensively, as well as all of their top goal-scorers from 2019.

As far as continuing to build out the roster, it’s not going to be about the players that can sell the most shirts and get the most likes on Instagram, but rather a smarter, detailed approach to bringing in players that not only fit in with the team but the community in Orlando as well.

“I would like to bring the right player, not any [player] and not just because he’s a good player, and then he’s the one,” Pareja said. “I would like to identify what is the correct player who needs to be part of this community, this team and this model of play. It’s not just signing players because we would like to show a face to the fans. I would like to be accurate with that.”

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